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A lot of work has been undertaken behind the scenes by several members of Churches Together in West Bridgford, to lay the foundations for establishing a CAP Debt Centre in West Bridgford. St Paul's with other local churches, is supporting this initiative financially. 

You can find our more about Christians Against Poverty here and their approach to supporting people with debts here.


Chris Blainey in his role as Centre Manager of the West Bridgford and South Nottingham Debt Centre has requested volunteers to help the centre go live in January 2018, after a year of preparation following the CTWB Service at Lutterell Hall in January 2017. It is so encouraging that during that time many people form across the churches have responded with a belief that this is a significant way in which God wants us to serve the poor in our community, bringing them good news and freedom as Christ modelled.


In preparation for the new Debt Centre going live in January, occasional and regular volunteers are needed from Partner Churches in a range of roles. You are welcome to come to one of the ‘Find out more’ / Induction events:


Tuesday 12 December      7.30pm         St Luke’s

Friday 15 December         10.30am       The Rock, Wellin Lane

Thursday 4 January           2.00pm         tba

Monday 8 January             7.30pm         tba


You can also let Andrew L know if you are interested in one of the roles highlighted below.


West Bridgford and South Nottingham Debt Centre

CAP Debt Centre Volunteer Team Roles

For the Debt Centre to run effectively it requires a range of support roles in addition to the Centre Manager.  There would be a team of perhaps 20+ which can be drawn from across Partner Churches of the Debt Centre and other local churches. 

The Centre Manager will gather the whole team together a few times a year.  Beyond this volunteer involvement can be quite varied.  Volunteers contribute in a range of specialist ways, and these are flexible dependent on their personality, gifting and the time they can make available. One volunteer may contribute in more than one role.

Prayer Team

CAP sees prayer as a vital part of the work we do, seeking God’s help in many and varied situations. This can be expressed through large groups praying together, small groups, or even individual prayer about situations. The individual must be able to actively participate in such activities as an expression of their own personal faith. The prayer team will support the development of the CAP Debt Centre through prayer; and once the Centre opens the focus of payer will naturally develop:

  • To support the CAP Debt Centre through prayer.
  • To be available to meet for prayer meetings throughout the year.
  • To pray for the Centre Manager, centre team and clients during your own personal prayer times.


Visit Team      both genders required

To help clients out of debt the CAP Centre Manager will visit them two or three times in their home. They need someone to accompany them on visits, to help assess during the visit what on-going support a client wants and needs. The fellow visitor also provides both safety and safeguarding support and helps show clients the love of the church. This is a key role required by the Debt Centre from the start.


Blessing Team

A third of CAP’S clients won’t have enough food in the house or money to buy any when we first visit them. In these situations we take them shopping to buy food so that they can survive until their next income and get ready to start living within a budget. We also encourage centres to occasionally bless clients with a small gift to cheer them up, such as flowers, a restaurant voucher, cinema tickets, etc. Finance is provided for both food and gifts – the volunteer is not expected to pay for these things.


Social Team

Many clients are lonely and/ or would really appreciate some extra support. As part of the social team, you offer to meet with clients socially to offer support and friendship, and encourage clients to continue working with CAP and feed back any possible issues to the CAP Centre Manager or Debt Coach. You can invite them to events at your own church as appropriate.  Being involved in clients’ lives gives you a unique opportunity to show the love of Jesus.


West Bridgford and South Nottingham Debt Centre

CAP Debt Centre Partner Church Roles

For the Debt Centre to operate effectively across a large number of Partner Churches requires a range of co-ordination roles in addition to the Centre Manager. We would like each Partner Church to have at least one person who has a heart for CAP and the local Debt Centre to take on such a role.

The roles or Trustee and Church Champion can be combined. Either of these roles would also fit naturally with being a member of the Prayer Team

CAP Debt Centre Partner Church Champion

Each Partner church has signed up to providing support for the centre, not just financially, but also in prayer, publicising the work in their own fellowship, and seeking volunteers. The Partner Church Champion will liaise with the Centre Manager as a contact point between their Church fellowship and the Debt Centre. They will co-ordinate publicity within their own fellowship, and give feedback from the church to the Centre Manager.

Debt Centre Charity Trustee                                   

Each Partner Church has the right to nominate a Trustee to the Board of the West Bridgford and South Nottingham Debt Centre, which is the Charity (CIO) that is the legal entity responsible for the centre.  The Charity has a small group of initial Trustees, but needs additional members to ensure that it is well run so that the work can flourish.  We particularly with Trustees with business, governance or finance skills and experience.