Parish Profile

So where have we got to?

We've been thinking about who might succeed Chris as our vicar. One aspect of this is creating a Parish Profile which includes information about us as a church and the person we seek to lead us.

The Profile Group, made up of Cliff Carrier - Lay Chairperson of PCC, Ann Shepheard, Glenys Duce, Bob Oldroyd and Camilla Gilmore have concluded conversations across our congregation. Thank you to all who have contributed.

The profile is now being built and will be reviewed by PCC on 26th March in a first draft/raw format.

On Monday 9th April, PCC will meet with Archdeacon Sarah to discuss the Diocesan and Deanery aspects.

From there, we should be able to finalise the profile and establish a rough timetable for advertising the vacancy. We'll update where we are at the APCM on Sunday 15th April.


In her contact with our wardens Archdeacon Sarah noted -

"It is great that you have had your vision date with Richard Kellett which will really help shape the profile. I expect St Paul’s to be an attractive post for someone to build on Chris’ work with you."