Walking Football

Saturday 30th June otherwise known as "Kick a Christian" Saturday (when it's the footie tournament), saw five of the young at heart St Paul's men play in the South Notts over 50's walking football tournament, with four other churches. One in the picture would like to point out that they are not yet fifty.


It was a great success. The men played four matches with huge consistency - losing all four, conceding eight goals (Andrew Little was to blame) and Ian Duce only broke that consistency with one shot at goal across the forty minutes of non-stop action (!?!) Dave A was hugely committed (and he probably should be) and covered every yard of the pitch, just not necessarily where the ball was, Kevin L knew what to do but at a pace far in excess of any the others were able to muster. Russell took several "Astro-turf burns" for the team despite it being played at walking pace. In the El Classico match, Boundary/Valley Rd rivalries with St Luke's spilt over and Russell managed to upend several of the opposition. Had VAR been in place we would have won every game (obviously), but Russell may have been sent off more than once. If you know your Spanish football, we should refer to him as "Ramos Russell" from now on.


On a more serious note we've been invited to join the St Luke's "boys" (haha) on a Monday night when they "train" (hahaha) at walking football. So if you're a gentlemen of middle age who would like participate after the summer, have a word with Andrew L and we'll all have a wander on down. Russell will need shin pads though...