Romans sermon series

Between October and December we are exploring Romans in an eight week sermon series. Each is also be available to listen to via the website.

Revd Allan Brown began our series on Sunday 1st October.

To get a taste of what's instore, watch Allan introduce the series and his first talk. We've uploaded the video to You Tube. He's got something he's bursting to tell you! (Coincidentally, so did Paul when he wrote to Rome!)



Romans 1:1-17
I'm bursting to tell you this!

Romans 1:18 -3:20
I have a problem - and so do you!

Romans 3:21 -4:25
All is not lost because..

Romans 5
Are you sure you are on the winning team?

Romans 6
Do you like your current boss?

Romans 7
What's really holding you back?

Romans 8
How confident are you about the future?

Romans 12
Is this how you like to look?