Romans 7

On Nov 19th Revd. Andrew Stewart walked us through the next stage of Paul's letter to Rome.

Have you ever thought that advertising slogans really don't tell the truth? Well Andrew begins by positioning how the "Law" is very clear on it's limitations. (No subtexts or alternate undercurrents.)

Hear about

  • the need for unity between Jew and Gentile
  • how Paul explains that the "Law" ends at death
  • where our hope lies
  • walking according to the Spirit.

You can listen to Andrew's sermon is here.

Or you can read his sermon if you prefer.


You can go beyond Andrew's explanation of Paul's ideas with the following questions.

  • How do you view the Law of God given through Moses? What responses does it provoke when someone mentions it or when you read about it?
  • In what ways does (or doesn't) Paul's reaction to the commandment about covetousness (7:7–11; cf. Exodus 20:17) resonate with you?
  • What do you think when someone says, "The Church should preach more about morality"?
  • What do you make of Paul's talk of "the flesh" / "the sinful nature" / "the old self", and of putting that to death?


Chat these through with your small group or a friend over a hot drink.






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