Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

St Paul’s is a partner church in the West Bridgford and South Nottingham CAP Debt Centre. It is a charity in it’s own right, but one of over 300 centres set up in conjunction with Christians Against Poverty, (CAP), during the last 21 years. As well as providing financial support the aim is to also offer practical assistance in the day to day running of the centre. 

The CAP debt relief model is highly respected by over 1000 companies within the finance industry e.g. councils, utilities and mortgage companies,  who are happy to work with CAP because it’s model works!

A holistic approach is adopted, the aim being to look after not just clients finances, but their spiritual and welfare needs also.

If you would like to support the Debt centre financially, with it's running costs and CAP central fees, you can download the necessary documents from here. Please return the completed documents, as necessary, to the address at the bottom of the promise form.

Latest Updates from CAP

Here's the latest west Bridgford centre November Newsletter

Here's the Trustee's Report at the end of the first year

And here's the Partner Church's Letter

You can also find out more about Christians Against Poverty on their website here. or speak to Ian Robinson, the St. Paul’s CAP champion.

CAP has been inundated with requests for help - saturating their capacity and so at September 2019 have initiated "Time to Breathe". 

Here's what CAP say

"Christians Against Poverty - Time to breathe

For some time now, CAP and the wider debt advice sector has been in high demand from people seeking support with their debt. We’ve also seen an increase in vulnerable clients with additional support needs and a rise in complex debt situations. The debt advice world has been subject to increasing regulation which is a good thing but has added further pressure.

In order to respond to the increased demand for our service, we’ve been running a project called Fit for the Future to help us grow our capacity. We identified the steps necessary to build sustainability, and had hoped to be able to implement these gradually in the background without needing to make any drastic changes.

Unprecedented levels of demand for our debt advice service have meant that in April, May and June we saw three consecutive months where 100% of our centre capacity to see new clients was filled. It is vital that we honour the commitment we’ve made to each of these clients and provide them with the support they need to hopefully become debt free. To be able to continue the in-depth level of service we’ve become known for, we have to stop taking on more clients for a few months.

Through this break we aim to do two things: firstly, we want to ensure that the clients we’ve committed to help already are supported on their journeys and we look forward to seeing many of them become debt free in these next few months. Secondly, we will launch as many of the Fit for the Future changes as possible to ensure sustainability for the years to come.

Of course, we’ve always known that CAP can’t help everyone in the UK with debt problems - it’s a team effort between all of the free debt agencies and many of them are also feeling the pressure of the size of demand versus the service they want to be able to give (and know that people need)."

Here's a report by the Money Advice Trust on debt problems from late 2018 - it makes fascinating reading.

If you are burdened with debt why not take the first step in becoming debt free via CAP. Call 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment with our debt centre manager.