Next PCC Papers

The next PCC meeting is on Monday 11th February  2019 at 7.45pm.

The previous meeting was on 14th January. Draft minutes (subject to approval in January)  are posted here

Agenda for 11th February 2019 is posted here.

We will be discussing

  • the mission by the Northern Bishops in Sept 2019 - getting our team together
  • 2019 financial budget and the draft Dec 2018 year end position.
  • Amount available for our 6% giving decisions.
  • how duties in the office are covered
  • Is a Summer fayre feasible?
  • current position with the vacancy
  • review of St Paul's morning
  • update on possible salary review for Penny's role aligned to a management structure.


Please pray for an effective and Jesus centred PCC meeting.







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