A letter from Tim:

17/03/2020 - Suspension of Public Worship

Dear all,

By now you might have already heard the rather unsettling news that public worship is being suspended across the Church of England. 

New advice issued today by the Archbishops states very clearly that public worship needs to stop for a while in order to best protect people from the Covid-19 Coronavirus. 

Therefore, there will be no public worship at St Paul’s until further notice. 

However, St. Paul’s (and churches across the nation) will remain open for public prayer, so please do come in to pray if you are passing. 

In a letter to the Clergy, the Archbishops invite us to consider how we can be a ‘radically different’ church at this time; and how we can be a sign of God’s love and blessing in our communities. 

For us this means trying to engage with each other as a ‘scattered’ community – so therefore we will be trying to use social media and other forms of electronic communication much more. 

It also means that we must remember our calling as Christians to serve others as if we are serving Christ.  Therefore let us keep a loving watch over each other, and particularly over the most vulnerable at this difficult time, so that we can be a sign of God’s care and  presence in our community. 

Please do come to the church to pray, and please do follow St Paul’s on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) if you can – we will post worship, updates and reflections as often as we are able.

We will open for worship again!

Every blessing to you all,


If you normally give to St. Paul's via the plate on a Sunday and wish to continue to do so whilst services are paused or wish to respond securely online to our Giving Review you can do so Here

Tim will produce a regular Podcast update, amongst other things, which will be available to listen to on the website here

Covid-19, can you help at St Paul's?

With the developing situation regarding Covid-19, a number of members of our congregation are likely to find themselves being asked to stay at home at some time in the near future. Would you be willing to volunteer to help by shopping/collecting prescriptions in an emergency? 
Also is anyone able to co-ordinate this part of our support?

If you can help with either of these please contact Ruth Robinson, our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator via this link: email Ruth