Parish Profile

The Parish profile is now complete.

Following consultations with our congregation and the Associate Archdeacon for Transition, the PCC have agreed a final document which is available on it's own page on this website.

Our two parish representatives are Ann Shepheard and Camilla Gilmore. They will discern who will be our new vicar alongside representatives from the Diocese. Once that process moves to applications and beyond they are duty bound to maintain confidentiality. So whilst we can keep up to date on where the process has reached, there will be no detail of potential applicants and individuals involved.

No appointment was made after the initial advert, application and interview process (Autumn 2018).

Camilla and Ann have set the dates for the next step in our vacancy process.

  • The post will be advertised on 5th and 12th April.
  • Applications will close on 28th April.
  • Shortlisting 13th May and Interviews 23rd May.

Please keep praying for all involved.


If you know someone who would appreciate an informal discussion, they can contact our Parish Representatives direct via their e-mails.

Mail Ann Shepheard                       Mail Camilla Gilmore