Setting God's People Free


"We have before us an amazing opportunity to impact our nation for Christ. 98% of the people in the Church of England are not ordained and spend 95% of our lives out in society. There we have the privilege and opportunity to serve Christ in every task we do, in every encounter we have, and every place we find ourselves – in the factory as well as the sanctuary, in the primary school as well as in the Sunday school, in the team meeting as well as in the prayer meeting.

The question is:how can we make the most of that opportunity?


Setting God’s People Free (SGPF) is a resource written by Mark Greene from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC).  Mark and his team have been working around the issue of whole life discipleship and faith in everyday life for a number of years. 

All the ideas in the resource have been road-tested in a variety of different churches across the traditions of the Church of England.

SGPF is being launched in three Diocese’.

Here at St Paul’s we have chosen to explore this further - right away.


Three of our Life groups are about to start on a similar resource, specifically for small groups around “Whole Life Worship” – also authored by LICC which goes into this topic in greater depth.

SGPF is something we will draw from in all our service sermons over two consecutive weeks, including Wednesdays. (28th October Allan Brown, and 4th November Andrew Stewart).

As well as the sermons we will also run five additional Life group sessions for those who are not in a Life Group, or whose group is not using the LICC resource.

This group will run at 7pm in the lounge on consecutive Thursdays - 18th and 25th October, 1st, 8th and 15th of November. Andrew Stewart will lead.


**To join this Thursday group** - either sign up on the sheet at the back of church or let Andrew in the office know you want to join this brief Thursday group. You can mail Andrew by clicking here.

Worship is for every day of the week...


For those who'd like a little more background on this national initiative, you can read either the one page summary or the longer summary by clicking on the links. General Synod has debated this at length leading to a substantial report on Setting God's People Free.

Setting God’s People Free (SGPF) recognises that the Church exists in two forms – ‘gathered’ and ‘sent’. The gathered church is the body of believers when we are worshipping together on a Sunday or during the week.

The sent church is the body of believers when we are out in the world worshipping Christ by honouring and serving him in our various walks of life. Both are vitally important, but the focus of the report is on ensuring that what we do when we are gathered nurtures us for our role when we are sent.


One page summary  or Longer Summary