Vacancy Prayers

Vacancy Prayers

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for your loving presence within our church and your love for the community in which we live. Thank you, Lord, for all those who, past and present have been part of our lives here and have worked hard for our church and parish.

Lord, we ask that you will guide the person you choose to be our new vicar; that they may hear your call with clarity, and answer in the certainty of your love, to help us develop as a worshipping community and to embrace the Diocesan vision of "Growing Disciples - Wider, Younger, Deeper”.

We pray for those who will be our representatives, that they may be willing to listen to each other and to you, and that you will guide them to recognise the person who should be our new vicar. 

We pray for that person and their family and the church where they belong that you will surround them with your love and peace.

For now, Lord, we ask for energy and vision, wisdom and patience for our leaders – and that as a church we would all be eager to love and encourage each other as we work together for you.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



Closing Prayer from the licensing of Church Wardens. (Which frames where we are heading.)

God of Mission,

Who alone brings growth to your Church.

Send your Holy Spirit to bring vision to our planning,

Wisdom to our actions, faith to our lives,

Hope to our communities,

And love to our hearts,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.