ThyKingdomCome  the global wave of prayer 2019 will be from Thursday 30th May to Sunday 9th June

As a church we again invite you to participate in the Archbishop of Canterbury's call to prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

His invitation is for each of us to Pledge to Pray for five people, that we know, during the period between Ascension Day and Pentecost especially, to come into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Last year we signed up, #Pledge2Pray by visiting this website: Pledge2Pray

We joined in with thousands of people throughout the world who all Pledged to Pray.

Click here to watch Justin Welby telling of one man's life changing encounter with prayer.



Some excellent material on Sharing your Faith has again been produced. The introduction says:

As we pray 'Thy Kingdom Come' we should expect that God will use us to help answer our prayer.  He will give us opportunities to witness to Him with the people we have been praying for.  He will use us to invite people to know and experience the goodness of His Kingdom and to join His family.  But we also know that most of us find speaking of our faith daunting.  We feel ill equipped.  We assume someone else, maybe anyone else, is better suited, or we think that sharing faith is someone else’s job.  All Christians are appointed as God’s witnesses.  It is not a choice.  The only choice is whether we are good witnesses or bad ones. 

To access the material click here.


In addition the following might be of help in an ongoing basis:

#Pledge to pray The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued an invitation to #PledgeToPray for five friends to become Christians. See here for more detail. A leaflet with ideas is available here.
Individual prayer

If you are unable to come to St Paul's you may wish to pray at home.

Twitter/Facebook Ongoing you could take to social media to encourage your friends to #pledgetopray or like/re-tweet as appropriate.
Family Prayer time

A leaflet with ideas for Family Time prayers is available here.

To have fun making prayer paper planes as a family download this leaflet here.

Praying for Young People The majority of Christians come to know Jesus as young people but there are less young people in the church than ever before. Download a leaflet offering five ways to pray for young people here.
Prayers for use by children Prayer material for use by children can be found here.
Prayers for use by Young People Prayer material for use by Young People can be found here.
Prayers for use by adults Prayer material for use by adults can be found here.
Take time to pray. 60 minutes of prayer for your nation Take 60 minutes of your time to pray for your nation using ideas to be found here.

Parish Prayer Walk- details of a walk around the Parish Boundary can be found here.

Material is also available for St. Paul's Life Groups to use also:

Meeting  material based around the Lords Prayer can be downloaded from here.
A reflective story about the Kingdom of God can be downloaded from here.